1. Expect to fill out a new patient physiotherapy form (separate from our new patient massage therapy forms) and provide insurance information. This can be a motor vehicle accident claim number or extended health plan that covers physiotherapy treatments 
  2. Expect to discuss your main issue and treatment options with your physiotherapist for a targeted care plan. Other injured or painful areas can be discussed but may be addressed in later treatments. The goal of a new patient appointment is for the Physiotherapist to understand and treat the areas with the most pain or dysfunction first. 
  3. Expect to move around. Our newest Physio, Dannielle, offers manual therapy, range of motion assessments, or some form of treatment at your initial assessment. Come prepared by wearing loose and comfortable clothing. Wearing a pair of shoes you use often is helpful in assessing gait discrepancies, hip or lower leg pain. 
  4. Expect to leave with a plan of action. Our physiotherapists believe in creating treatment goals that patients are invested in and excited about. Rehabilitation exercises or stretches and a followup appointment plan are covered at new patient assessments. 
  5. Expect the physical therapy assistant to help out during an appointment. Our PTA’s want to make new physio patients feel comfortable by greeting you, taking you to your treatment room, and helping the physiotherapist with stretches, exercises or equipment during patient appointments. 

These steps make a good foundation for injury rehabilitation, treating the reason or mechanism causing pain, provide relief for persistent pain. and improve the health of our Lethbridge Physiotherapy patients.