So it’s your first time attending a Yoga Class! First off, pat yourself on the back for trying something new! Yoga can be intimidating for a lot of people, but rest assured, our goal is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for all attending participants. Everything you need to know will be outlined below so you can have an enjoyable and positive experience. 

The first question you might have is, what does a person do to prepare themselves for a yoga class? This is a great question but before getting into what you need to do and bring, you need to first sign up for a class ahead of time. You can do this a few different ways. We offer drop in rates if you would like to try yoga without the commitment of buying a pass. Classes can be booked online or by calling us at 403-942-4010. We offer passes if you want to commit to multiple classes, while saving yourself some money. Once you have figured out what route you want to take, it’s time to think about what you’ll need for your session.

  1. Avoid a large meal. We recommend eating a light meal beforehand, as yoga can be strenuous and challenging at times. Eating a heavy meal or lots of food prior to a yoga class may result in an upset stomach or cramps.
  2. Hydrate. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!  
  3. Be Comfy. 
  4. Bring Equipment (if you have them). A yoga mat is necessary to avoid discomfort during poses. Along with your yoga mat, a yoga block, and a yoga towel to wipe away excess sweat. Rentals are available if you do not have a mat for a small fee. 
  5. A state of relaxation can make you chilly. When our bodies are fully relaxed there can be a drop in body temperature. To relax deeply and stay comfortable yoga blankets are provided.
  6. That’s all you need!

Once you arrive at our facility, check in with our reception team to let them know you have arrived. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early your first time to fill out class paperwork, have time to use the bathroom if needed, remove your shoes, and sanitize your hands before starting the class. Feel free to put your personal belongings in the provided cubbies next to the studio doors. To ensure an enjoyable experience, please make sure your phone is off or on silent mode before entering the studio.

One of the main focuses of yoga is to feel relaxed and experience inner peace. Pick a floor spot, roll your mat out, and sit or lay comfortably. Yoga etiquette states that one should be courteous to others by observing silence in the practice rooms. Maintain a positive environment by treating all instructors, members, and staff with respect and kindness. 

Depending on which yoga class you have signed up for, the teacher will take you through a series of poses, communicating what to focus on, how to adjust your breathing and even helping assist you if you are struggling. They will offer a modification or allow you the use of blocks to achieve a pose if needed. Allow yourself to be engaged, clear your head and focus on the instruction and direction given to you by the teacher. If you find yourself unable to stretch and move as much as your teacher, don’t sweat it! Yoga instructors have been practicing yoga for months, years or even decades. Move to your ability, yoga shouldn’t be frustrating or cause pain. Keep in mind that the more you practice, the easier things will come to you. Your strength, endurance, and flexibility will all build over time. Try a variety of classes or even different teachers to find someone that you feel is a proper fit for you. Once you have developed your skills, intermediate classes are available for more of a challenging experience. 

That’s a blog post for another day. The focus of today is to help you feel confident and ready to dive into something new!